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Status Updates

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Monday, February 1, 2016

FM5.5 is Out!

As usual the old WOW adage holds that you won't get the last item for your quest until you complain to your guild about drop rates.  So, the second I went to get some sleep after that long night and morning, and sent an email to Amazon, of course "King Henry and the Three Little Trips" started finally going through the system like it was supposed to.

But, enough of book!  Is out!


What started life as a small "vacation" project for Richard Raley became something more in the writing. Telling three interconnected stories taking place on the same day, two weeks after events in "The Foul Mouth and the Mancy Martial Artist" this novel is a can't miss for fans of THE KING HENRY TAPES. Spending equal time with Tyson Bonnie, Eva Reti, and King Henry Price himself, KING HENRY AND THE THREE LITTLE TRIPS shows the fallout from the Days of Supernatural Exhibit in both the personal cost for our characters and the political cost for supernatural organizations worldwide as fear of the Curator spreads to even the Asylum itself.

Read as Tyson Bonnie escorts Vicky Welf to the Coyote Nation compound, find out if Eva Reti can survive the anima experiment inflicted upon her, and follow King Henry as he returns to the Asylum seeking Plutarch's help.

The queue for the "Foul Mouth and the Artificial Court" roller-coaster begins here!
King Henry and the Three Little Trips by Richard Raley on Amazon

King Henry and the Three Little Trips by Richard Raley on Amazon UK

King Henry and the Three Little Trips by Richard Raley on Smashwords

Enjoy!  Have fun reading!  I promise I'm working hard on FM6 for your next hit!


  1. Man, that was a fantastic read. Definitely wet my appetite for more. Hope it's not too long of a wait!

  2. Very good Work! Now we need FM6!

  3. Yesssssss. So happy to have something to read while waiting for FM6 :D

  4. Dude u are the best. King Henry is better than Dresden,
    October Daye, Mercy Thompson and Kate Daniels to name a few. That's really saying something.

  5. I ended up buying it on smashwords (which I didn't know existed) and Amazon. pretty sure this is my second favorite series next to sandersons Storm light archive. Keep up the great books and short stories.

  6. You could do with an editor as you misspelled some homonyms in a few places.
    I preferred this to KH5 which just rambles. You need to get back to the simplicity of the first few books and cut all the guff about Mancy and Guild politics which just gets in the way of the story.
    I really liked this - the discipline of the shorter story helped you produce a good read.

    1. To offer an alternative viewpoint, while I agree that there are a few mistakes the editing is no worse than some other print books I have read.
      Regarding the more verbose style of the later FM books, I personally think it makes for a more satisfying read.
      And as for the political aspects, that is surely a vital part of the overall story arc - without this it would just be a series of unconnected King Henry adventures, which would risk leaving little room for growth and quickly become dull...

    2. I am looking forward to more of the politics, that is going to be so important for the arc when we hit the war. Learning Council/Divine/Werenations are going to have an integral part to this. Let alone some of the politics of the 13 imprisoned realms. We know more about the Divine court than we know of the Learning Council. I want to know these things, and it is definitely something King Henry wants to know even back from the Fanged Lady. Gotta get past all the bullshit..

      And Rich, why is it still saying only 28% up there?? ;)