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Status Updates

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The King Henry Tapes FAQ #2

SPOILER WARNING!!!  This could have spoilers for every book and short in the series, including FM4, you've been warned.

So I wrote an FAQ for the series just after I finished FM2 and I figured it's been a couple years and a couple books and things have changed a bit since then, so why not another one?

Q:  Change?!?!  What do you mean change?  NOTHING CAN CHANGE, WRITER SLAVE, LEAVE IT ALL THE SAME!

The story itself is still the story I outlined back in...2009?  I feel old now...  The themes and the attitude and the plot are still all how I envisioned them, but structurally the realization that 12 school stories was stretching that half of the story way too much is a biggie.  Also a few characters that I thought wouldn't be as important or as involved keep finding themselves with extra scenes (T-Bone, Miranda, Hope) while other characters I thought would be more involved have been slowly cut back (poor, poor School Eva, she was supposed to have a much bigger part).

The places of FM4 and FM5 got switched, I think it's much more natural now and much less of a whiplash.  A lot of the Meteyos and Divine Chamber stuff that I thought wouldn't evolve until later in the series all came out much earlier.  The FM1 Prophecy isn't nearly as important as I thought it would be, although it's always been a bit of a red herring mocking prophecies in Fantasy fiction, so perhaps it's still done its job.

Q:  What do you mean no 12 school stories?

Only going to be 7 of them now, they'll be stopping with FM7.  Which is good, because after FM7...shit gets real.  There was a couple big updates about that decision, go search the blog for them if you're interested in my angst over the issue.

Q:  But still 12 books?

Yes, this hasn't changed.  There will be 12 books in The King Henry Tapes and then a 3-5 book wrap up series with multiple POV characters including King Henry.

Q:  What's FM5 Called?

The Mancy Martial Artist.

Q:  Any extra hint on FM5?

School = Plutarch.
Mainline = King Henry.  T-Bone.  Pocket.  Vegas.

Q:  Any hint on when FM5 will---


Q:  Will there be any more short stories or novellas?

No plans or desire to write them.  I prefer writing novels and I'm writing well enough now that the wait between books shouldn't require a shorter work to hold you over.

Q:  Why did you end FM4 like that?  I hate you so much.

First of all, I don't think calling it a cliffhanger is accurate.  There's side stories and greater stories within the series left hanging, but there's always greater stories left hanging in this series.  That's how I get you addicted.  When it comes to the main plot and the main issue King Henry was dealing with however, it's resolved.  It's not cathartic, it's like watching your parents yell at each other, but it's resolved.

As for why I didn't give you the same feeling I did with FM3...well, I'd feel like a failure as a writer if every book in the series did the same thing.  Some endings are going to make you fulfilled, some endings are going to pump you up, some are going to make you sad, and some are going to make you want to strangle me.  Within the 12 books there's probably going to be a couple actual cliffhangers, with it.  FM4 however, isn't one.  It was just a kick to the fuckballs.

Q:  Is Annie B okay?

She's fine outside of having a bit of a hurt pride.  She'll be back.

Q:  You have a bad habit of writing a book about a specific set of characters or villains and then having those characters disappear for awhile, can I assume "back" doesn't mean FM5?

Yup.  Again, I try to have every book different and mixed and not the same thing book after book, which is why sidekicks and villains appear and disappear.  One of the bad habits in Urban Fantasy/Paranormal is to have the same feel for every book in the series so they just kind of mush together.  I want my fans to be able to look back 10 years later and say, oh yeah, FM3 was the Valentine/Curator Book and FM4 was the Annie B/Divine book, and FM5 was the...har, har, I torture you.

Helpful?  No?  Yes?  If you have any other questions, leave a comment.  I'll probably just RAFO you, but asking doesn't hurt.  I guess you fans could also use this thread as a FM4 spoiler discussion thread if you want.


  1. We've gotten a taste of what JoJo has been up to since she left home--are we going to find out about Susan's missing years?

    1. Considering Susan disappeared in Seattle and the Curator happens to be there... I suspect much nastiness! And I can't wait to find it out!

  2. FM5 should be fun, we have not really seen Pocket out of the Asylum. I guess I can agree on FM4 not having a cliff hanger, things happened and now we are mainly waiting to see the fallout from it. Ceinwyn and Annie can't be as stupid as I am seeing them right now. Did they really leave him anyplace else to go but to Meteyos for information?

    One question though is who packed up King Henry's artifacts after Annie took him and did not get killed by the Dagger? A human or vampire?

    The other main question I am waiting to hear about is if Annie passes the test he gave her or will she let it be known The Dirt King has a working World Breaker...

  3. 1. A random clueless Vamp flunky. The dagger has to pierce the vampire's body to go Beast Mode, not just touch their shell.

    2. Read and Find Out on Annie's test, sorry.

  4. So it has to touch the vamp blood to go all Om Nom Nom?
    Still nervous that Val is not his daughters mother, I am also worried that Val will get the assignment of delivering King Henry's needle...

  5. Was wondering if there is a forum somewhere for us Foul mouth fans to talk over our ideas for what is coming up?

  6. Not that I'm aware of. There's a few discussion posts on it around the net probably, but nothing Foul Mouth specific yet...

  7. What i find interesting is that ive read 4FM books a few times each and im still not 100% sure what the main story arch is about. I know KH is the lead protagonist but im not sure who or what is the primary goal or antagonist. Meteyos and the mancy dimensions/prisons seem to be the larges "wrongs" that need righting. But im honestly not sure.

    At what book does the over all point become apparent?