Status Updates

Status Updates

Main Focus: Foul Mouth 5 First Draft = 145k out of 180k estimate (81%)

Side Focus: Gush (Fantasy YA) Novel, First Draft = 7k out of 80k estimate (9%)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Quick Notes #3

1.  Fuck ants.

2.  Double fuck mosquitoes.

3.  House of Cards Season 3, what a bummer that was.  I was so depressed by how bungled it was that I didn't even get through the whole thing.  Poor Claire Underwood, it took 3 seasons but eventually she became the typical television wife instead of the interesting, captivating, complex First Lady Macbeth I hoped for her.

4.  "Meet the Bonnies" has sold well over 100 copies in two weeks.  This might not seem like a lot, but for a short work it's quite spectacular by my standards.  After FM5 is finally finished and since FM6 will be an epic undertaking (yes, I'm already hyping that book!), I might put out a couple more, not sure yet.  Despite my wish not to work on them I keep having ideas for them.

5.  I had my first new idea for a brand new novel in like five years the other day, how about that?  You might read it in like twenty years if you're lucky.

6.  FM5...still writing.  Writing a lot actually.  Already wrote 3 chapters this month, with 5 to go.  What's the only thing better than Drunk King Henry?  High Out of His Fucking Mind King Henry.  I've split the chapters so much that I can't imagine needing to do it again.  It's a big book by my standards, but it's not filler.  There's a lot going on plotwise.  There's a lot going on characterwise.  King Henry is pretty stretched thin and very much ready to do some punching back.

7.  My grandfather is turning 85 this month.  This requires family commitment and a trip out of town.  I'm also still keeping myself away from the net to try to focus in on writing.  So don't expect another update this month!

8.  New Hearthstone adventure coming, woohoo!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meet the Bonnies (KH Short 6) Released

Tyson Bonnie made a mistake. A small mistake, yes, but still a grievous error that will cost him his sanity. His mistake wasn't agreeing to spy on King Henry Price. His mistake wasn't becoming friends with King Henry Price. His mistake wasn't even becoming business partners with King Henry Price.

Tyson Bonnie's mistake was accidentally asking King Henry Price to meet his family.

What was he thinking!?!?

Meet the Bonnies by Richard Raley on Amazon Kindle
Meet the Bonnies by Richard Raley on Smashwords

It's a great little moment in time for Tyson and King Henry.  Like most of the short works, don't expect any huge revelations but do expect some laughs.  Panicked T-Bone is best T-Bone.

As always the Apple and Nook links take a while to propagate through their systems so look for those in one to two weeks.  For now, if you're an addict who must have it NOW, you can buy an EPUB file straight from Smashwords or just do the self-convert Calibre thing yourself from Amazon.

Hope you all enjoy!

Now I need to get back to finishing FM5.

And watching House of Cards Season 3 close!  Almost here!

Friday, February 6, 2015

FM5 Update Number Billion

So...January kind of sucked.  I was sick quite a lot and didn't get much writing done at all.  When I wasn't being invaded by viruses or bacteria, I was being invaded by pollen, since Fresno has decided to have spring in winter with a pretty large heat wave.  The month ended up being one of my worst in two years.  I even managed to write more in October when I sprained my arm than I did with all the flu.

Good news is that so far February is off to a rocket-like pace.  I finished up the first draft on KH Short 6, which I'm probably going to call "Meet the Bonnies."  It's 50 pages or 13k words long, equal in size to the Welf novelette "Second Take."  I want to do one more edit on it before I give it over to the beta readers, but it looks like it should come out at the end of February or the start of March.

I also did a complete readthrough edit on FM5, fixing some problems that had arisen with characters needs versus plot needs, adding in some flesh on those first draft bones and the like.  I ended up adding about 5k words to the whole book just with that, which isn't out of the ordinary.  Generally, I always figure on adding about 10% to my first draft word count on my first look through it, since my first drafts are usually dialogue heavy.

Since then I've also finished a new chapter and am halfway through the next one.  Although I had to split the last we're up to 23 chapters total all about evens out.

I've updated the estimation on the length of the novel to 160k words.  Which means it's a big one by my previous standards.  Way bigger than I thought it would be.  I always knew we would get to this point where the mainline wanted to be it's own novel and then the school timeline was added to it, making for some big books, I just thought we would make it to FM6 before that happened.  But no!  FM5 wants to be a big boy too!

Which is fine.  I'm very happy with the novel as it is at the moment.  It is probably the most "bridge" novel in the series, showing the results of choices in FM4 and leading up to big problems in FM6 and beyond, but it also has a lot of big events in it and sees a ton of characters introduced into the mainline from the school timeline.  It could also be the funniest book I've written, since Drunk King Henry is best King Henry.

Anyway, I'm done torturing you for now.  Take away is that I'm writing as fast as I ever have, it's just a big book and we'll get there soon.  I'm purposely staying off the net to focus, so it might be another month until I respond to any questions, but don't hesitate to ask as always!   

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Quick Notes #2

1.  I've been fighting with an issue in FM5 for the last couple weeks revolving around character versus plot needs.  I figured it out last night, so the INEVITABLE MIDNOVEL FREAK OUT is over, yay!

2.  FM5 is 106k words long, with 16 chapters drafted.  8 of that is school story and pretty solid.  8 of that is mainline and still needs some work.  There are 5 and half chapters left to write as outlined but I could see the need to add one or two if the story outpaces the outline as it has continually done for this novel.  This will be the longest novel so far by quite a bit.  Mostly because there's a lot of good stuff inside of it.

3.  I'm sick at the moment, I don't write King Henry when I'm sick (it taking a certain mindset that is hard to get into when your nose is dripping and your lungs are rattling), so don't expect the updates to move much for the next week or so.

4.  The plan is to do a readthrough/edit of the mainline going into the next writing session.  Some big events are about to go down, really looking forward to it.

5.  Awesome Games Done Quick just started today.  It's a bunch of speed runners getting together and running video games for charity over the course of a week.  Give it a watch, it always has some awesome moments, especially the 4 way races:

1/14/15 EDIT:  Mostly better and back writing.  Working on KH Short 6 at the moment.  T-Bone's imaginary version of King Henry is perhaps more outlandish than the real thing.  But just barely.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

End of the Year Review Thingy...I Guess?

So 2014 was pretty big for me.  Manged to get TWO novels out.  One of them did really beyond well.  One of them no one really bought, because fans are weird about crossing over to a different series and genres...I think.  It's okay.  I do it too.  Still haven't started Richard Morgan's "A Land Fit for Heroes" despite Altered Carbon being one of my favorite books of all time.  So...I'm not blaming you!  You just crushed my soul for a month, it's no biggie.  You do it all the time with the 'har har look a typo' comments in reviews anyway.


Also saw my first month ever with over one thousand books sold (unless I mis-added, which I would never ever do).  Which is a cool milestone!  This gave me paychecks from Amazon big enough that I could show them to my family and go, "SEE!  NOT CRAZY!  GONNA GET BIGGER TOO!  SO THERE!"

Was very productive on the new writing too, since we've started FM5 and Gush, and now a sixth short story for King Henry.  Wrote 20k words in the last week on FM5, which means I actually might finish it within a year of Sky-Island's release and that means you fans don't get to complain because of the At Least One Book A Year Rule, right?


Still haven't got much into Gush as I would like, but with FM5 being a bigger book than expected it's all okay.  Have been thinking about it a lot too.  I'm really interested in trying a first draft with as little backstory as possible, throwing readers into the events. and seeing how it goes.  If you've ever read Steven Erikson's Malazan series he does something similar.  It's both loved and hated so of course I want to torture my fans with the method too!

KH Short 6 popping up is a bit of a surprise, but a fun one so far.  Trying to get it out by Jan-Feb.  There was a scene referencing the event in FM5 and I thought, 'oh that would be a decent short about mostly nothing at all'.  Now here it is!  It revolves around T-Bone making the mistake of inviting his new business partner over to meet his parents during a Sunday dinner.  Manners...bad thing to have around King Henry Price.

As far as the big release of know I hate exact timetables, but barring no problems arising somewhere in the April to July area seems possible.

Long as I don't get the flu.

Or almost break my arm again.

There's not even really any video games or movies or books coming out in the next few months to distract me.

Except for Hearthstone.

There's always Hearthstone.

Top 1 2014 List...

1.  My Fans

Don't OD on eggnog or champagne please.