Status Updates

Status Updates

Main Focus: FM6 (The Pit of No Return), First Draft = 248k out of 270k estimate (92%)

Side Focus: Gush (Fantasy YA) Novel, First Draft = 16k out of 80k estimate (20%)

Other Stuff I Need to Get To: FM1-FM5 print-on-demand editing and formatting, FM3-FM5.5 concordance updates

Friday, October 21, 2016

Have you read FM 5.5 yet?

KING HENRY AND THE THREE LITTLE TRIPS did far better than any other side work I've published, but not anywhere near what normal novels do.  So I know there are quite a few of you that skipped it thinking it was no big deal.

Can't say it was a BIG deal, but it was a deal.  It has a lot of info a fan of the series would want to know.  Info that when I release the mainline sample chapter for FM6 sometime next month will immediately be spoiled, including a character's death.

So consider this your final warning, buy that book now if you want to read it fresh and unspoiled.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Been Awhile Since I Gave A FM6 Tease

"You are not free, Artificer Price.  Your master has merely lost you for a time as you have gone wayward.  Even if you somehow succeed at defeating the censure, she will reclaim you in the process and she is not likely to let go of your chains a second time.  Your life as you knew it before is over one way or the other, surely you see that?"

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Am Working FYI

So the status bar can be awesome for you fans, but this is a case where it seems like nothing is happening when in reality a whole lot is happening.

Basically I'm working on my second draft at the moment.  Yes, two chapters still need to be written, but I realized I wanted to change a character motivation that's been troubling me that deals with those chapters, plus three before it.  So I'm going through the whole book in prep for the finale.

So far I'm 9 chapters in, so far so good.  I'm very happy with what I've seen, no need to change much, just pruning a bit here or there, small improvements and the like, typos as always, ALREADY.  We hates the typos.  First time I've even seen the book as a book and not as two separate stories, so that's always fun to view and to manipulate where and when you lot will get those lovely cliff hangers in time.

8 more chapters of that to get through.  Plus 3 with partial rewrites, 2 to write, and like 7 I've never even done a readthrough on since I finished them (including the 3 that need partial changes).  So yeah, whole lot of work and not a bit of it shows on the status bar.

Just wanted you all to know.

Close and closer to release, step by step.

Back to the mad scientist lab!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Quick Notes #24

1.  I've already written 20k this month.  My mind is currently mush.

2.  Under 3 chapters to go.  The last conclusion chapter and the BIG FUCKING BATTLE of the book basically.  Well, of the series so far actually.  You fans ready to go over power level 9000?

3.  Of course, finishing the first draft is just the start.  Still have Edit Hell after that.  The first half of the novel is extremely solid.  Second half is on a weak foundation since I really haven't spent time editing it yet.  Looking to do at least two more drafts before release, plus formatting, plus copy editting.

4.  Damn am I proud of this novel though.  Maybe I'm delusional, but even with some of what I need to fix or tune, there's so much good stuff in this one.  I mean, if it makes the author laugh and tear up while reading, what's it going to do to you fans?

5.  That said, if you're emotionally dead inside, a cynical husk of a human being with the emotional development of a potato that only wants fight scenes with wise cracking super hero wizards...Probably shouldn't get too hyped.

6.  Taking the next couple days off.  Have new X Men, Warcraft, Jungle Book, and new Star Trek just waiting to be streamed, plus a few more episodes of Luke Cage to watch.  So there!

7.  Still not sure on release but aiming in December, probably 2nd to the 19th long as nothing weird happens.

Update:  2 TO GO.  Last scene of this book...HOLY FUCKBALLS!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Quick Notes #23

1.  Still working hard on FM6.  Split a chapter in two, halfway through the second part, so 4 and a half chapters left to write.  Pretty beefy chapters, pretty OMG chapters that the whole book has been building to.  I keep hoping that some amazing burst of writing will emerge out of me and I'll magically finish the book in a week, but so far no fairy dust or rainbow dreams to be had.  Just me slowly banging my head against the wall scene by scene.

2.  It's a weird situation where I'm writing at a very acceptable (even above acceptable) level but acceptable is going to land release right on Christmas (or near enough).  I don't know, maybe I shouldn't be so scared of that.  Maybe it will help sells if everyone has Amazon gift cards lying around and thousands upon thousands of people just got a new kindle.

3.  Doesn't help that my personal life is a country western song at the moment.  Guess I should look on the bright side:  no girlfriend around, so she can't possibly break up with me!

4.  Looks like the 100 degree weather is in the past at least.  Heatwave this weekend when it's ALMOST OCTOBER is only expected to reach 97!  Woohoo!

5.  Just an FYI that the estimate for FM6 is probably off and we'll be going slightly over.  So 100% might not be 100%.  Don't worry, when I finish the first draft I will be on here strutting around and doing a little dance.

6.  Yeah, yeah, I'm hanging on the dark humor to get by at the moment.  Don't mind me.  Lot to be excited about with this book.  So many scenes and revelations I can't wait to hear your thoughts on.  So many jokes I can't wait to hear you laughed at.  Release is closer than ever.  Just, in the final stretch and the book is consuming me.  No energy to spare for blog posts!  Especially no energy to spare for cheer-leading!

7.  Back to the mad scientist lab!