Status Updates

Status Updates

Main Focus: Gush (Fantasy Action/Adventure) Novel, First Draft = 21k out of 100k estimate (21%)

Side Focus #1: Assault on Dread Fortress Paine (Post FM6 Novella?) = 44k out of 50k estimate (88%)

Side Focus #2: The Glassbreaker Goes Home (Post FM6 Novella) = 26k out of 50k estimate (51%)

Back Burner #1: FM7 School Story = 0k out of 80k estimate (0%)

Back Burner #2: Super Secret Awesome Project

Other Stuff I Need to Get To: FM3-FM6 concordance updates

Friday, December 1, 2017

Still Alive #2

Just not much new to report to you fans.  I'm writing just barely enough each month where I don't consider it bad, but no where near enough to call it good.  Which is an improvement over the total bomb in September, so there's that!

Almost done with the first novella, halfway done with the second.  Although novellas are technically 40k words long tops, so Assault on Dread Fortress Paine has upgraded to mini novel I suppose.  I have the very last scene plus the epic fight of the story left to go.  Quite a few fight scenes in this one, more than my average for sure.  Very close to a finished first draft.  Probably take a couple passes after that, then a copy edit readthrough.  So, very much getting there.  SOON.

AoDFP I'm happy with, but The Glassbreaker Goes Home is just...really, really happy with it.  I'm sure some will whine about it being filler, but character wise it's so fucking good!  KH, Old Man Price, Val, Vega, Vicky, Mama Welf, JoJo, tons of others.  Lot of character interactions, lot of great stuff.  Probably be in that 50k mini novel range too by the time it's done.

Gush...continues to be the step child I don't have the will to focus on.  The twin family medical issues in my life keep on sucking and the horrible odds are they'll end in 2018, but only in misery.  Sucks.  A lot.  Last year I just ignored it all, pushed it all into FM6, this year I think I've given myself way too much time to dwell on it, especially with that 4 month vacation.  The mini novels I can just trudge my way through, but for a whole new world I need 100% and I'm not even close to that.  So, Gush lingers...

Yup, still fighting to get the mojo back.  Part way there but more to go, always more to go.  At the very least, FM7 looms.  Wrote the first thousand words of it, for the last school story.  The War to End All Wars if I went so far to name the school stories ;)  Will definitely be diving head first into it come early next year, soon as these mini novels are finished.  It's going to be another big one :)

Monday, October 16, 2017

October 2017 Quick Notes

1.  Had a completely horrible September with no new material written.  Back at it now, did a rewrite for Assault on Dread Fortress Paine adding some more characters to the ESLED strike team and I'm now progressing towards the finish.

2.  Unless a miracle happens this is by far my worse year for writing output in a long while.  Maybe since I started the whole Indie thing.  Last year was my best so it all evens out I suppose!

3.  It's not writer's block, which is a term I hate, since I've never felt blocked.  If anything writer's anxiety or writer's fear would be the correct term.  A terrifying fear of a work not being as well received as the last one leading to procrastination.

4.  Only in this case, not block or whatever.  It's just the family health issues I've mentioned before and specifically for last month some major birthday blues.  Plus, ya know, getting the print on demands out and all that distracting me.

5.  It's cooled down in Fresno, so there's that!  I mean the rest of the state is on fire...

6.  Also my wrist is feeling much I can write without it hurting now.

7.  New South Park RPG tomorrow, yay!

8.  New Stranger Things in two weeks, double yay!

9.  Anyway, looking to just ignore the world and write for the next couple months, so...don't tear the blog down while I'm in the mad scientist laboratory please!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

King Henry Box Set



Obviously I don't think you fans that check out this blog and are up to date with the series as the target audience with this one (although if you do purchase it, thank you very much for the continued support!), but here's a snazzy new 3 in 1 "box set" for the first fourth of our grand experiment.   It's part of KDP Select just like everything else, so if any Kindle Unlimited fans want a reread opportunity that only takes up one of your slots, here you go (does KU still use the 10 slots?  Maybe I'm out of date).

The one thing I will ask of you, even beg you, is to please consider taking 10 to 15 minutes to go and write an honest review telling people what you love about this series.  As always I believe your passion and support is the life blood of this endeavor and the most effective advertising tool that any author could ask for.  So please, let them know why they should give The King Henry Tapes a try!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Print On-Demand Promise Finally Accomplished!

After far too much worry and effort, the print-on-demand versions for the first six novels of The King Henry Tapes have been proofed, found worthy, and published.  They've just gone up on Amazon and have yet to merge with the kindle versions, so links to each are below.  You can also find them on the Createspace store if you're familiar with using it.

They look pretty awesome if I do say so myself, but then what father doesn't think his one-eyed, three-nostriled baby is the most beautiful of them all?

Regardless of possible lisps or uncontrollable drooling, all of those who begged for this day and made promises that I just had to make print-on-demand versions because you wanted to buy a bunch of copies to give out to your non-ebook reading friends and family are going to keep your word, right?  Right?

Prices are $11.99 for books 1 and 2, $13.99 for books 3 and 4, $17.99 for book 5, and a $19.99 price tag for book 6.  Which is why when the big five publishers talk about how paper books and ebooks really don't cost that much different to make and that's why all big author ebooks are over 15 dollars nowadays, you should tell them to go fuck themselves.  Yes, I know, economies of scale versus print-on-demand, but still...bullshit!  Paper costs money!  Though to be fair, if you buy the print-on-demand version of FM6 you will also be able to use it as a bludgeoning weapon should the undead ever rise up to conquer mankind.

Print on Demand FM1
Print on Demand FM2
Print on Demand FM3
Print on Demand FM4
Print on Demand FM5
Print on Demand FM6

Friday, August 25, 2017

Quick Notes August #2

1.  This week I wrote a 8k scene between Vicky and Moira Welf, because why not?  Lot that had to be said on any number of topics between those two.  Probably cut it down in editing, but we'll see.  Really loving THE GLASSBREAKER GOES HOME, its so very character indulgent.

2.  Cracked a tooth :(  Or, at least a filling...anyway, dentist next week, boo!

3.  I took my first try at Football Manager 2017 yesterday...I don't think I've been this intimated by a video game since Crusader Kings 2 years and years ago.  Which did not end well.  But was one of my favorite video game experiences ever.  I started with William the Conqueror, thought I was doing an okay-ish job, took over Wales and all that and then William died...which led to a four way succession war between three of his sons and his brother.  I was disposed by my brother, who was captured and killed by my uncle...making me King In Name Only...without any soldiers to call in my name as my youngest brother and uncle battled it out, all while the Duke of York rose up in rebellion...let's just say, it could've gone better.

4.  Hoping to finish the first draft of ASSAULT ON DREAD FORTRESS PAINE next month, we'll see.

5.  The Defenders turned out as okay TV.  All these Marvel Netflix shows just feel very cheap, which I guess they are.  Oh well, better than Iron Fist!

6.  Stuff still happening behind the scenes.  Covers coming in.  Slowly going through the Createspace process.  The preview copy of Fanged Lady should show up for me next week, then assuming I didn't fuck it up I'll be moving on to FM2 and FM3.  Still not sure on release dates for all the print-on-demand stuff, but they are very much happening now.

7.  Fuck Jade Druid....

8.  The kids are returning to school, yay!

9.  Football is back!

10.  Summer is almost over!  Still 107 on Monday, cuz Fresno...