Status Updates

Status Updates

Main Focus: Foul Mouth 5 First Draft = 77k out of 125k estimate (62%)

Side Focus: Gush (Fantasy YA) Novel, First Draft = 7k out of 80k estimate (9%)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Some Quick Notes

1.  I just did a full read-through and what I've written so far doesn't suck! huge rewrites for the first third of the mainline or the school timeline.

2.  The book is now over 300 manuscript pages long, so it's a real boy now.

3.  As is often inevitable, I've added a chapter to the outline.  Meaning it will be 21 chapters long at the current estimate and that I have 9 chapters left to write.  I could see myself adding yet another chapter by the time it's all done, but so far we might manage with 9 really beefy chunks of story.  Given how long the mainlines are starting to get I'm very glad the school story will be wrapping up with FM7.

4.  I had a really awesome idea for FM9 the other day...but I think that's getting ahead of ourselves. Like 3-5 years ahead of ourselves.

5.  I got a flu shot,'s hoping I'm not knocked out for my usual two weeks in Dec/Jan/Feb.

6.  Dragon Age: Inquisition is pretty awesome when it decides to be awesome and not a MMO grind simulator.

7.  Have a great Thanksgiving.  Please don't get trampled on Black Friday, I can't afford to lose any fans.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Prisoners Cycle

THE PRISONERS CYCLE is perhaps best described as a series that isn't a series until it is very much a series at the very end of the series.  It's also not so much a world as an overworld where the worlds themselves reside in.

Don't think about it!  It's just turtles all the way down!

It began back before I'd accepted my life as an Indie Author instead of a Major League Publisher-Patting-You-on-the-Head Author (though given my sales this year I dare say Indie or not I've finally broken into at least the minor leagues!) when THE BETROTHAL was finished and languishing, THE FOUL MOUTH AND THE FANGED LADY was in my last edits, I was dicking around practicing with some fan fiction you lot will never see, and I didn't know what to do next.

It was the standing wisdom at the time that writing the second book of series before the series itself was published was a bad idea (again proving that the people who provide the standing wisdom for aspiring writers don't know what the hell they're really talking about) so starting right into THE FOUL MOUTH AND THE CAT KILLING COYOTES as a sequel seemed like a bad idea.  I also had the problem that all my other books and worlds I'd come up with were also series that wouldn't work, right?

So I majorly brainstormed and came up with about 10 standalone book ideas that I could work on.  As is the nature of brainstorming, some of these ideas were much better than others or seemed more interesting than others, so I started in on writing what would one day become SKY-ISLAND 1827-E (alternate titles:  ROCKETS IN THE SKY; WOE, WOE, WOE, YOUR SKYBOAT; and HERE COME THE CLOCKERS).  I also piddled about with a book where the main character was a walking and talking tree, but like a walking, talking tree character would ever be usable or popular, right?!?!

Skip forward three years of Indiehood, four FOUL MOUTH books, an actual thing that might be a career and not a huge mistake, and looking at all those standalone books I realized...hey, these are all kind of about similar themes, aren't they?  Wouldn't it be cool if they were kind of connected like the worlds of Stephen King's Dark Tower or what Sanderson is doing with his Cosmere know...Sliders or something?  And, hey...there's some weird spots where they really do connect...that's cool!

Thus began the idea of making standalone books that are still standalone books but books that will also allow interested readers to pick up on the wider mystery of what is going on and the connections between them.  I did this because the books themselves are different genres, have different characters and styles and POVS, and I didn't want to force people that for example like the Sky-Island world but don't like the Gush world (or vice versa) to HAVE to read them all, but if you wanted to you could get something extra out of it.

THE PRISONERS CYCLE is also an idea, not a UNIVERSAL TRUTH of my future like the FOUL MOUTH books are, where I have everything mapped out and plotted and obsessively planned.  They are instead books were I am trying something new, attempting to be creative, and especially to expand as an author just beyond doing what I'm already good at (first-person, character focused, urban fantasy with a lot of dick jokes).  It's all pay-to-play and experimental and I'm sure I'll succeed with some and fail with others and it could all implode before the end if not enough people are interested in them, but...I'm going to give it a shot and step out of my comfort zone, hopefully enough of you will step out of it with me.

Not everything beside the FOUL MOUTH books will be in THE PRISONERS CYCLE and even those book that are in THE PRISONERS CYCLE will be listed in their own specific world, not in the overworld itself when it comes to my list of published novels at the start of my books.  So you'd have to be a superfan and come to this blog and check this page to even see or know it exists.

Click the page link above for more info.  Excuse me as I get back to writing!

Friday, October 24, 2014

So It Goes Update

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive and still working on the two projects (FM5 and Gush) I've been working on for awhile now.

I still have no estimate for when they might be completed other than being sure it won't be in 2014.  Don't fret if you don't see the status update move for a week or so and especially don't fret about the way the status update for Gush seems to be jumping around all over the place for my estimations.  I do use it to keep you all informed about what I'm doing day to day (because I know long silences are what make fans more nervous than anything else), but it does sort of become a problem when I'm starting a novel like I am with Gush.

I've been playing around with length and what to include in that book.  Do I write a bunch of training scenes?  Do I throw you right into the death race with a small intro a la Star Wars?  How long and how deep do I want the book to be?  This fluctuates when you're starting the process...which is why Gush has gone from 10 chapters to 16 chapters to 13 chapters as I added and cut the outline.  I even started WAY BACK WHEN, wrote 5k, decided it wasn't working, and cut it from the book.  What I've ended up with and what I think I'll keep is a bit of middle ground with not doing the full training/origin but beginning with our heroes arriving a week before said death race.  Yes, death race...with magic!  It's going to be a fun book!

One thing I'm not sure readers realize is that even when authors aren't "writing" we're still thinking.  I don't pretend that every author does things the way I do things, but for me "thinking" is an always on feature that helps the "writing" go much smoother and takes up a TON more time than the actual writing.  There are some scenes in the King Henry Tapes that I've played over in my head hundreds of times in dozens of alternate outcomes before I've even put finger to keyboard to write them.  The Paine reveal in FM3 was one of these...there's also a good one in FM5 and one coming up in FM7 that I continually obsess over to levels only equaled by Gollum with the One Ring.

This process is why more time is sometimes important and why I'm never going to be the kind of author that can pump out a novel ever 3-4 months.  I'm selfish...they're MY toys before I share them with you.

This is sometimes why its the scenes I haven't played through my head that take me the longest to get through.  Like the ones I've been working on in the last month.  Not that Pocket and T-Bone forcing King Henry to take a road trip in an RV hasn't been entertaining...but why would I focus on that when I can focus on...other things?

I guess I'll stop aggravating the fanbase and just summarize with:  still working on it, taking my time to make sure it's awesome, don't freak out, it's all going good, if you're well-behaved I might give you a FM5 sample chapter for Christmas.

Oh, also...I almost broke my arm!  That was a close one!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Not Quite Halfway There

Well...I've done it.  The "hard part" is over.  The school timeline for FM5 has a complete first draft.  Why is the school timeline the "hard" part?  Mostly because it lacks the consequences of the mainline and many of my favorite characters to pit King Henry against (Annie B/Paine/Vega/etc) are absent.  So I'm left to finding new ways to make pranking Welf fun and lots of scenes of teenage King Henry being a glorious little shit.  This is "hard" in that it's hard for me to push myself to focus on writing it when video games and books and reddit are things that exist.

But I did it!  It's a complete story still in need of some editing but it's done.  It tells of Plutarch's first battles at teaching King Henry all while the Three Queens begin maneuvering to remove a few of their least favorite students from the school before they themselves graduate.  At the moment it's almost 200 pages long by itself, so a pretty good chunk of story.

Which is why this post is titled the way it is.  The estimate is over 50% but I still have 11 chapters to write, all of them on the mainline (almost always longer than school chapters).  So I doubt we're going to come in at 100% again and will need some overtime.

But I did it!  We're getting there.  FM5 is alive!  I'll probably take a small break to work on a couple Gush chapters before returning to starting the mainline side of things.  I still think a 2014 release for either Gush or FM5 is doubtful, but miracles are a thing right?  Like there could be a miracle and Destiny won't launch and the NFL could go bankrupt and Dragon's Age 3 might get pushed back to 2015 and...

What you mean I gotta write?

Update- My ability to target prophecies of doom seems to be a thing, but not with any accuracy.  Just saying...after the week Destiny and the NFL have had that Dragon Age 3 might be in trouble.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Totally Non-professional Sky-Island Map and World Diagram

Sky-Island 1827 Shitty Map

World of the One Path Even Shittier Diagram

Hope that helps any confusion (I know it doesn't).

Small update:  writing really well at the moment!  Might finish the school timeline of FM5 in a few days!