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Status Updates

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Griefing" Novella Released

The beta readers finished early.  So, thanks to the glory that is Digital Publishing, here's "Griefing" a week earlier than I intended.  This is the first "short" (not so short this time at 20 thousand words) to completely be in King Henry's POV.  While not in the "Tape" format, it still has plenty of his character, I assure you.

I do mention it in an author's note but I'll also mention it here, that this story takes place during the School Timeline after FM3, so make sure you're all caught up if you don't want spoiled.  Also it takes place immediately after Session 6 in FM1, so if you want to refresh the mind on the situation, go reread that one.

Finally, let me say this:  if you are going to read one of the King Henry Shorts and only one of the King Henry Shorts, then read this one.


King Henry Price has just endured a horrible loss in his life. He returns to the Asylum adrift, unsure how to process the situation. But one thing is a constant: he's the Foul Mouth, he won't be grieving, he'll be GRIEFING, and it will be up to Ultra Class '09 to bear the brunt of the onslaught.

Griefing by Richard Raley at Amazon Kindle
Griefing by Richard Raley at Smashwords

As usual, the Smashwords process can take a few weeks to get the files out to Apple and Barnes and Noble, so I'll have those links when they're available.  Along with the Second Take links...which are taking forever...

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  1. Really liked griefing cant wait to read foul mouth four annie b is one of my favorite characters in the series