Status Updates

Status Updates

Assault on Dread Fortress Paine (FM6.5) is OUT!!!

The Glassbreaker Goes Home (FM6.75) = IN EDITING

Main Focus: FM7 School Story = 5k out of 80k estimate (6%) + 26 hwp

Side Focus: FM7 Main Story = 0k out of 200k estimate (0%)

Back Burner #1: Welf Winter Gala (FM6.99???) 17k out of 50k estimate (34%)

Back Burner #2: Super Secret Awesome Project

Ugly Step Child: Gush (Fantasy Action/Adventure) Novel, First Draft = 21k out of 100k estimate (21%)

Other Stuff I Need to Get To: FM3-FM6 concordance updates

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Foul Mouth Facts: Ceinwyn and T-Bone

1.  As a Dale, Ceinwyn can trace back different lines of her lineage to Augustus Caesar and Merlin, both legendary mancer figures.

2.  The Dales being Welsh and Celtic, Ceinwyn's name began as the more common spelled Ceinwen, but hey, got to love how those y's look.

3.  Pronounced Kine Wen by the majority of Wales, the "odd" name is why Old Man Price calls her Kind Wind early in FM1 to give readers a hint at how to say it.

4.  Tyrone was an alternate name for T-Bone very early in the series.  The last name Bonnie was picked out in the process of figuring out who our historical vampire woman would be, pirate Anne Bonny being one of the possibilities.

5.  Like many characters in the series, Tyson was purposely crafted as a trope destroyer with many conflicting origins in his background.  Despite their difference in appearance, personality wise the author considers Tyson to be the closest to his own.

6.  One of the many inspirations for Ceinwyn Dale is Aes Sedai Moraine from the Wheel of Time series.  It is far from the only Wheel of Time inspiration in the series, the vampire Divines being modeled after the thirteen Forsaken.  There is however no Dark One, or simple good and evil in the King Henry Tapes.

7.  Tyson's introduction and disappearance in FM1 was the author once again playing the long game with a character, a scene that probably would have been cut if the novels were traditionally published.

8.  In that scene it is revealed that Tyson had the idea for a magical punching ring that instead became the taser SDR, Tyson did indeed get the idea from Harry Dresden, a playful nod at Urban Fantasy's top dog, Jim Butcher.

9.  Ceinwyn being from a long lined family, having prophecies about her life is a play on normal heroes, here all of the common tropes falling on the wise elder while the young kid is as common as dirt.

10.  FM4's road trip wasn't originally supposed to be told until FM7, where a similar cross country journey will take place with different companions.  Because it was pushed forward, the entire story of FM4 became more Ceinwyn focused, including the author pushing up knowledge about Ceinwyn's backstory.

11.  Story lines being pushed up sooner than expected is a trend in writing the King Henry Tapes, including the journey to the Geo Realm, which wasn't supposed to happen until FM6 and the Eternal Order, originally saved for much later in the series.

12.  Like her pupil, the Eternal Order has tried to kill Ceinwyn on several occasions.

13.  Being raised by the Divine Nii-Vah, Ceinwyn speaks many languages thought dead, including Ancient Greek and Latin, even able to mimic a decent Byzantium accent.

14.  Ceinwyn's finding of King Henry was always intended as a short story.  The Corpusmancer who found him, Truman, goes on to be mentioned a number of times in the series as an ESLED agent and was Estefan Ramirez's partner for a time.  King Henry never connects him with the ShopsMart employee back in Visalia.

15.  Tyson wasn't planned to be part of FM5 when the series was originally outlined, it was solely a Pocket/Jesus adventure.  While Tyson hasn't gained nearly as much page time as some characters, he has grown the most through short stories, over which there are now 3 in his POV.

16.  Ceinwyn was born in 1976, her grandfather and father died in 1982.  At the age of six she left mancer society, only returning to occasionally visit her ill mother.  At fourteen she began her schooling, under the direct care of the Lady.

17.  Ceinwyn, Obadiah Paine, Amis Valet, and Moira von Welf were all in the same year, Class of 1990.  Obadiah Paine graduated first in the year.

Small Update:  just wanted to let you all know that I feel some major mad scientist coming on and probably won't be replying as quickly.  Have more FMF done or almost done, so will keep voting them off against each other in the future.

Also, the reason the estimate on FM6 dropped is that I decided to cut a chapter.  Not the Val one I mentioned early.  Wrote about 6k on it, so would have liked to have figured out that I don't want it sooner, but is what it is.  With that out of the way I have 8 chapters of pure fucking madness left to write.  Going to try to focus in and ignore all those distractions out in the world for the next month.  Except for Civil War...cuz I'm still human!  It's got Spider-Man in it!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Quick Notes and a FMF Vote

1.  Not much new to report to you fans, on a downswing at the moment.  13.5 chapters done, 13.5 chapters to go.  About to write a Plutarch scene whenever I get back to it, so that will be fun.

2.  Going to the dentist still sucks.  Always.  Even after I gave up sodas too!

3.  Tomorrow will be Hearthstone Day for me, really looking forward to the new standard format and all the new cards.

4.  King Henry Tapes are now in Kindle Select.  So if you have Kindle Unlimited  or have friends with Kindle Unlimited, be sure to tell them it's available.

5.  Running an ad for FM1 at the moment, we'll see how it goes.  This stuff is new for me directly through Amazon.  Is supposed to show up on your Kindle's screensaver, so that could be neat.

6.  Planning to have FM2 for free for the first time ever from May 22nd to May 26th.  Trying to get Bookbub to advertise it, but haven't had much luck with them since they got all that sweet investment money.

7.  Doesn't look like new covers are going to happen for now sadly.  Taxes hit me hard and would rather not worry about going broke before FM6 comes out because I spend a thousand dollars on covers.  After FM6, here's hoping I can reassess.

8.  Watched Billions and Black Sails recently (that shark hunting scene, loved that stuff) looking at Vikings 4.5 and Better Call Saul S2 next.


VOTE ON NEXT FOUL MOUTH FACTS:  will it be (Pocket, Jesus, and Raj) or (Ceinwyn and T-Bone)?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Foul Mouth Facts, Miranda and Valentine Edition

1.  Valentine Ward was originally named October Ward with her sister to be December Ward, but Seanan McQuire's Toby Daye series put an end to that.

2.  The Boomworm nickname came about from a lucky typo.

3.  Early in the process, Val was the Aeromancer and Miranda was the Pyromancer.

4.  My first attempt at writing FM2's school story began with Valentine showing significant dislike for King Henry, before Val was replaced with Miranda for the whole of the novel, leaving Val's wider introduction for FM3.

5.  In early outlines, Miranda had little time in the story, mostly as a mentioned character like Quinn Walden or Asa Kayode.

6.  Miranda has the best anima senses in Class '09.

7.  Val is regarded as the fastest Pooler by a large margin.

8.  The author has a list of Boomworm Rules to keep him from going trope with the character, one of these is that Val can never be captured.

9.  Another is that if that rule is broken, Val must rescue herself.

10.  Val is a huge Terry Pratchett fan.

11.  Val is left handed.

12.  Miranda bakes when upset.

13.  Why is Miranda named Miranda?  The author liked the way Summer Glau said the name in Serenity.

14.  The Miranda part in Griefing, especially her feud with Hope, was originally scheduled for Eva Reti.

15.  Eva Reti has by far seen her role in the School stories reduced the most, while Miranda's has been enlarged the most.

16.  As Ceinwyn's assistant, Val met Annie B before King Henry did.  A short story of this was planned but never written or even outlined.

17.  Both T-Bone and Miranda originally had glasses, thinking two "nerdy" characters with glasses was too much, T-Bone lost his.  Eventually even Miranda got contacts.

18.  Valentine has killed more people than King Henry...for the moment.

Want more Foul Mouth Facts?  Let me know in the comments.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Quick Notes #12 and Unfair FM6 Teasing #3

1.  Just finished writing 5k words tonight, quite the outpouring!  Huge writer's high at the moment!

2.  Might be the best scene in the book yet and that's saying something!  Very much the bloodiest scene I've written, unless you count blood gods...

3.  Now have 13 of 17 chapters finished, so went ahead and added 20k words to the estimate.  Other structural changes to the book include combining chapter 1 and 2 of the school story to give me some more space to not cram most of it at the back end.

4.  I've gone back and forth on a chapter in the book a few times and have decided to cut it.  It takes place near the end of the book.  Without spoiling too much...something huge happens somewhere King Henry isnt, so I had planned to give Val her own chapter, told to a tape recorder after the fact as a report on events for the Learning Council.  Was really looking forward to it, but I think it's just TOO MUCH for a book that is already insanely epic.  So like King'll just have miss out.

5.  Would probably still make an awesome novella, we'll see.

6.  Average FM6 chapter is 9k words, by far the largest in the series.  FM2 wasnt even 5k.

7.  Lots of whining about my last tease not being enough, so here's another one, will probably be your last for a couple months, so I'm making it especially mouthwatering.

Silence was the only epilogue.

Too early for a man to even scream for his momma.

On I walked.

Into the smoke, the cloud of dirt; into the blood seeped over tilled soil, through the bodies of the fallen and shaking, petrified survivors praying to a god they long ago abandoned.  Forgiveness!  Mercy!  Meteyos!  Great One!  Killer of Fools!  Call him off!  I beg you, please!  Spare us!

I heard a voice from halfway across the world give his only answer.


8.  Teehee!  Guess what?  Guess what?  That's the MIDDLE of the book.

9.  *Sits back and watches the reaction.*

(4/21 DLC)

10.  Halfway through the next chapter, less action packed than the last I wrote.  These are always the types of chapters that end up giving you problems.  You spend months if not years thinking and imagining the OMGWTF (technical term) moments, but never the valley between.  Means trying to work through it and figure the most entertaining way can take awhile.  Bad place for a block to form.

11.  As such I wrote about 5 pages before redoing it all, writing the chapter from the middle out and with one character replacing another, as such that character will not appear on the Mainline side of the novel except for a few mentions.  Suppose that's what she gets for having her own novella released a few months ago.

12.  Gave up my Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes addiction two days ago, should mean more time for other things...especially since the new patch would've had me spending 2-3 hours a night on a stupid mobile game.

13.  That said...Could also mean more time for the new Hearthstone expansion on the 26th!  WOOHOO!

14.  Or Overwatch next month...who loves him Blizzard games?  This guy!  I mean, I'd probably be married and have a normal job teaching English or something if it wasn't for that 4 years in WOW.   And the 4 years in Ever quest before that...

15.  Richard Raley and King Henry Price = blame the MMOs.

16.  And George Lucas.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Quick Notes #11

1.  Haven't been writing much, just woking with what I already have.  Cut about 1k words from the first few chapters, have added about 3k back to later chapters from last month's massive surge.

2.  This puts us halfway to being finished even if I very much don't feel like that at the moment!  Have about 430 pages, so looking to be 800 page book, but we'll see how editing messes with it once that time is upon us.

3.  Have a couple chapters still to read through, very much excited by how it's shaping up so far.  I view writing a novel kind of like building a skyscraper.  You push forward adding new floors but eventually mistakes and holes add up and that foundation just feels too shaky to add any more to it, need to go back and do some shoring up.  Happens every five to six chapters and you just get paranoid, so better check it's not all about to crumble down around you!

4.  I teared up a couple times reading through it.  Who's a softie? This fucking guy!

5.  Still waiting another 5 or so days before adding my books to Amazon Select, so if you have friends with Unlimited let them know the series will be available very soon.

6.  As expected FM1 is no longer free.  Haven't decided if I'll keep it at 3.99 or drop it lower, maybe even to 99 cents.

7.  I final watched Silicon Valley on  HBO.  Holy fuckballs I haven't laughed like that for years.

8.  Thanks to everyone who answered the fan survey here or by emailing me!

9.  Reviews for Cap America 3 up and can't see for another month, so unfair!  See, I know how it feels!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Quick Notes Number Whatever-the-$#@&

1.  Final tally for my writing output in March came to 42k words.  This makes it just barely my highest output of all time.  If I was able to keep the same output then FM6 would be finished quite quickly, however please don't expect it.  I'm already off to a lagging start in April with alergies as the main culprit.  With some family days and doctor stuff near the end of the month I'll probably be lucky to make my 20k average.

2.  Sales for FM5.5 plummeted to not even 200 for March.  Means all the super fans bought it and the casual fans said "nope".  Because as we know, absolutely nothing interesting could ever happen in an intermediate novel and trying anything new must be punished and met with extreme skeptcism.  Write the same novel over and over for the rest of your life and know your place, writer bitch!

3.  I'm right in the middle of FM6, which is just the worst place to be as an author.  The monster just feels invincible  and untamed and all over the fucking place.  Even having written 8 books, it still feels daunting to think I still have just as much to write as I already have, despite the fact I've thrown so much mental and emotional energy at it.  My heart really goes out to first time authors scaling this mountain, experienced though I am I feel very low at the moment and question every life decision I've ever made that led me to this point, heh.

4.  As I mentioned in the Survey thread, I've been thinking about going ALL IN on Amazon KDP Select and today I decided to push the button.  This is a multi week process, but basically means my books will first be taken down from sale on Smashwords, iTunes, and B&N.  Once that is done I will enter Select and my books will be available through Prime lending and Amazon Unlimited for borrow.  Other effects include my ability to advertise on Amazon and it means FM1 will no longer be free for purchase.

5.  Select isn't forever and I might go "wide" in the future again, but for now trying this seems like the best course of action.  My books will still be DMR free, so please feel free to convert to whatever digital file type you want as long as it is for your personal use.

6.  Considering ordering some professional covers for the series from goonwrite with part of my FM5.5 loot.  Would cost me abut 1k so still in the considering phase, well see if I pull the trigger in the next few months.

7.  Eyes...wont...stop...itching...

8.  Watched Force Awakens twice yesterday!