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Status Updates

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Foul Mouth Facts, Miranda and Valentine Edition

1.  Valentine Ward was originally named October Ward with her sister to be December Ward, but Seanan McQuire's Toby Daye series put an end to that.

2.  The Boomworm nickname came about from a lucky typo.

3.  Early in the process, Val was the Aeromancer and Miranda was the Pyromancer.

4.  My first attempt at writing FM2's school story began with Valentine showing significant dislike for King Henry, before Val was replaced with Miranda for the whole of the novel, leaving Val's wider introduction for FM3.

5.  In early outlines, Miranda had little time in the story, mostly as a mentioned character like Quinn Walden or Asa Kayode.

6.  Miranda has the best anima senses in Class '09.

7.  Val is regarded as the fastest Pooler by a large margin.

8.  The author has a list of Boomworm Rules to keep him from going trope with the character, one of these is that Val can never be captured.

9.  Another is that if that rule is broken, Val must rescue herself.

10.  Val is a huge Terry Pratchett fan.

11.  Val is left handed.

12.  Miranda bakes when upset.

13.  Why is Miranda named Miranda?  The author liked the way Summer Glau said the name in Serenity.

14.  The Miranda part in Griefing, especially her feud with Hope, was originally scheduled for Eva Reti.

15.  Eva Reti has by far seen her role in the School stories reduced the most, while Miranda's has been enlarged the most.

16.  As Ceinwyn's assistant, Val met Annie B before King Henry did.  A short story of this was planned but never written or even outlined.

17.  Both T-Bone and Miranda originally had glasses, thinking two "nerdy" characters with glasses was too much, T-Bone lost his.  Eventually even Miranda got contacts.

18.  Valentine has killed more people than King Henry...for the moment.

Want more Foul Mouth Facts?  Let me know in the comments.


  1. More! How about random Pocket facts?

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  3. Replies
    1. Okay, will try to do two or three charcaters one a week or something. You all have post dentist, tylenol induced lassitude to thank for this.

  4. Wow, Miranda seems to have had a sudden burst of importance. You mentioned before "a few characters that I thought wouldn't be as important or as involved keep finding themselves with extra scenes (T-Bone, Miranda, Hope)," but now she seems to have become one of the major players.

    Whatever, please, more FMFs.

    1. Don't know if sudden is the word for it. We're talking proto series here, before I even started on FM1, back in 2009. By the time I switched Val out for her in FM2 I had already decided she would have a larger role.

      Eva's lesser role has to do with the school story cut down to ending in FM7 and the fact that most of her relationship with KH has instead been told directly in the mainline. And if you're cutting her stories then you don't bother setting it up in Griefing, better to give it to someone else. It also makes more sense for Miranda to be the one fighting with Hope, given their dislike for each other.

      But yeah, some things have changed or been advanced. There's a plan, but it's always in motion. Early in the series it was REALLY in motion. FM1 I was mostly focused only on KH, Annie B, Ceinwyn, and setting up the world, so it wasn't until FM2 and FM3 that the secondary characters firmed up in my mind.

  5. So I'm not going to lie if you didnt do stuff like this i would just keep rereading the books over and over again. I just finished rereading for something like the 10th time yesterday. Need me my KHP fix

    1. That's probably more than I've read them during all my editing! Very flattering, but make sure to check out the last quick notes, I recommended some other books for you fans to read if you need a similar fix.

  6. We know that Miranda has Aeromancer sisters and mother. What kind of mancer is her dad and does she have any other brothers?

    1. Miranda has two younger brothers, both of whom are mundane. No sisters. All Daniels girls are born aeromancers, all Daniels boys are born without the Mancy. Other Daniels girls mentioned so far are all her cousins. Men marrying into the family are forced to take the Daniels name.

      We'll have to see if you ever meet her parents or not...

    2. Who did the Daniel clan make a deal with to get the aeromancer guarantee?

    3. More like a curse as far as they're concerned.

  7. That was my Post above. Put a SSD in your laptop and all the keychain security goes whacko...