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Status Updates

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Quick Notes #12 and Unfair FM6 Teasing #3

1.  Just finished writing 5k words tonight, quite the outpouring!  Huge writer's high at the moment!

2.  Might be the best scene in the book yet and that's saying something!  Very much the bloodiest scene I've written, unless you count blood gods...

3.  Now have 13 of 17 chapters finished, so went ahead and added 20k words to the estimate.  Other structural changes to the book include combining chapter 1 and 2 of the school story to give me some more space to not cram most of it at the back end.

4.  I've gone back and forth on a chapter in the book a few times and have decided to cut it.  It takes place near the end of the book.  Without spoiling too much...something huge happens somewhere King Henry isnt, so I had planned to give Val her own chapter, told to a tape recorder after the fact as a report on events for the Learning Council.  Was really looking forward to it, but I think it's just TOO MUCH for a book that is already insanely epic.  So like King'll just have miss out.

5.  Would probably still make an awesome novella, we'll see.

6.  Average FM6 chapter is 9k words, by far the largest in the series.  FM2 wasnt even 5k.

7.  Lots of whining about my last tease not being enough, so here's another one, will probably be your last for a couple months, so I'm making it especially mouthwatering.

Silence was the only epilogue.

Too early for a man to even scream for his momma.

On I walked.

Into the smoke, the cloud of dirt; into the blood seeped over tilled soil, through the bodies of the fallen and shaking, petrified survivors praying to a god they long ago abandoned.  Forgiveness!  Mercy!  Meteyos!  Great One!  Killer of Fools!  Call him off!  I beg you, please!  Spare us!

I heard a voice from halfway across the world give his only answer.


8.  Teehee!  Guess what?  Guess what?  That's the MIDDLE of the book.

9.  *Sits back and watches the reaction.*

(4/21 DLC)

10.  Halfway through the next chapter, less action packed than the last I wrote.  These are always the types of chapters that end up giving you problems.  You spend months if not years thinking and imagining the OMGWTF (technical term) moments, but never the valley between.  Means trying to work through it and figure the most entertaining way can take awhile.  Bad place for a block to form.

11.  As such I wrote about 5 pages before redoing it all, writing the chapter from the middle out and with one character replacing another, as such that character will not appear on the Mainline side of the novel except for a few mentions.  Suppose that's what she gets for having her own novella released a few months ago.

12.  Gave up my Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes addiction two days ago, should mean more time for other things...especially since the new patch would've had me spending 2-3 hours a night on a stupid mobile game.

13.  That said...Could also mean more time for the new Hearthstone expansion on the 26th!  WOOHOO!

14.  Or Overwatch next month...who loves him Blizzard games?  This guy!  I mean, I'd probably be married and have a normal job teaching English or something if it wasn't for that 4 years in WOW.   And the 4 years in Ever quest before that...

15.  Richard Raley and King Henry Price = blame the MMOs.

16.  And George Lucas.


  1. Val's report = Sounds like a fantastic novella/short!!

    1. It does. Strange fact for the reverse happening: the first chapter of FM4 was originally written as a novelette before I just decided to add it into the book.

  2. Dying here. I've been re-reading favorite novels for the umpteenth time I'm so desperate. Pure torture...

    1. RR Recommends: Matthew Stover's Heroes Die, always and firstmost. Easily in my top five for Fav Read, criminally underread, and the main character Caine is like a more bad ass but less likable King Henry. Or the other way around since Caine came first.

      Joe Abercrombie's First Law Trilogy, plus the standalones in the same world. First novel plays pretty straight as a normal fantasy book, but by the time you get to book 3 the whole genre is tilted on its head and deconstructed in glorious fashion. In fact the twist Book 3 is so good it makes Book 1 better for it.

      Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson. 10 books, finished. One of the most detailed and Balls to the Wall insane fantasy series to have ever been written. Book 2 is also in my Top Five. 3, 4, and 6 would all compete in my Top Ten.

      Robin Hobb's Fitz books, very good, very emotional, and I hate myself every day for the fact I haven't started reading the latest trilogy yet.

      Lots of others very popular authors good to check out: Ilona Andrews, Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks, James Corey, Scott Lynch...have you heard of this guy called Pratchett? Hear he's kinda a big deal...

      Could always start writing your own me, it will play absolute havoc with the free time you have to read!

    2. Man, I am glad someone else loves Caine as much as I do. Great taste. Check out Master of White Storm by Janny Wurts if you get a chance. It's easily one or two on my list.

    3. Will put it on my ever expanding To Read folder on my Kindle. And yes, Stover is amazing. Any time fans ask me what to read, he's always the first person I point towards.

  3. Evil tease. But thanks for the authors to add to my need to read list. You should check out Jim Butcher if you haven't already.

    1. I have. Just assumed anyone reading me has heard of Jim Butcher, given his giant status in Urban Fantasy. Also pretty sure that T-Bone has...

    2. Yes, remembered that part recently. I blame the children slowly rotting away my brain. I swear, preschoolers are worse on the memory than drugs. Do have another suggestion though, Patricia Briggs. Also Anne Bishop, both are very good.

  4. The iron Druid novels are pretty cool, well except for the last one where Herne took a pretty well rounded kick arse character and turned him into a screaming shirt lifting Nancy boy. But the early ones are pretty good.